Services System Development

The function of good software is to make the complex appear to be simple.

-Grady Booch, Chief Scientist
IBM Research

Web projects are diverse – from e-commerce solutions and social networks to less playful online trading platforms, online payment gateways, and B2B services. Some systems we build from scratch; for others we utilize existing free or commercial components. Some projects make the company, while others are just additions to existing service offerings. There are projects where requirements need to be well understood and well documented; others are ideas that need only shaping and proofing.

Our process is simple and highly efficient. Typically it follows this path:

  • Understand and fully capture all your requirements. The more we talk the less ambiguity.
  • Draft a functional specification or a statement of work. We translate and break-down your requirements into system features and functions.
  • Draft a project plan and milestone schedule. We typically follow a 1-2 week release schedule. Each delivery is followed by a detail work review with the client. The importance of this step is tremendous. When you are part of the process it not only gives you a greater sense of participation and progress, but also helps you start “owning” the system very early on.
  • Deliver the system. This may entail deployment within your existing server farm, helping you find the right hosting facility, and/or helping procure any hardware components.
  • Test and verify delivered system against original requirements.
  • Perform all ongoing support or hand over support to the client’s internal resources.

Some of the technologies and capabilities of Web Algorithim are:

  • Programming: Java, .NET, Ruby, PHP, Python, JavaScript, Flex, ActionScript
  • Design: HTML/DHTML, CSS, Flash, Silverlight.
  • Frameworks: Spring, Hibernate, Struts, iBatis, jQuery, ExtJS, Lucene
  • Databases: MySQL, Oracle, SQLServer, Sybase, DB2
  • Test and verify delivered system against original requirements.
  • Application Servers: JBoss, Weblogic, GlassFish, Tomcat, Jetty, Websphere
  • Content Management: Alfresco, OpenCMS, NUKE, Documentum, Vignette