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WebAlgorithm believes that technology should serve business goals. Therefore, we offer on-site training as part of our overall solution. We cover a wide spectrum of technology topics including open source technology, security, project management, and many others. We provide your employees with quick but efficient technical training to gain the necessary skills in the least amount of training time.

WebAlgorithm’s technical training services provide employees hands-on experience with the most popular technologies, frameworks, and tools available. Custom training is the best way to ensure your technical personnel have the skills and knowledge they need to implement, maintain, and troubleshoot the infrastructure and software products that support your business.

WebAlgorithm can tailor a plan that specifically addresses your learning and performance needs and your environment. It can be provided at any skill level, from novice to advanced and features professional delivery by our trainers. Course material is provided and was designed to be used as on-the-job reference material following the training.

Some hands on training we provide include: Java, Ruby or .NET, Open Source Framework, and Management sessions explaining the value of cloud computing.