Services Social Network Technology

38% of British & American companies are still in their infancy when integrating social media in their company. 12% have fully integrated the new media.

WebAlgorithm helps companies build integrated solutions that tap into the power of inter connected social world.

Here are some examples of the types of projects we have done in this space:

  • Integrated login - stream line user registration process by allowing your customers to login to your systems using their social account credentials. This opens up your system a lot of potential new customers and clients.
  • Social Sharing - enable your users to drive traffic back to your system by allowing them to share your content in a friendly way with their respective social audience.
  • Information Gathering - track and follow specific topics and keywords socially and build necessary business associations.
  • Reporting & Analysis - gather and store the data, build dashboards that are based on social activity, membershop, engagement and variety of other factors.
  • Feature Enhancement - let's say you allow your customers to download files - why not let them upload it to their Google Docs account? Let's say you allow your customers to send an email - why not let them also send a Tweet?

Whatever your needs are or if perhaps you need an advise, a recommendation - we are here and always willing to help!