Services Onshoring

From January of 2008 until January of 2015, the rate of inflation in India varied between 8% and 16%, compared to 0% to 4% in the U.S. Therefore $25/hr paid to a programmer in India will double in 10 years to be $50/hr. Compared to only a modest 8% increase in 10 years for a US based developer.

WebAlogrithm specializes in providing alternatives to offshore development by focusing on delivering the highest quality at a cost that is competitive with offshore rates. We simply deliver quality work less overhead. Our local professionals not only understand technology, but their full life cycle skills and experience are instrumental in developing the highest quality and most marketable products & services possible.

Some other key benefits are:

  • We understand the importance of protecting Intellectual Property (IP). While theft and breaches can occur anywhere, they are less likely to occur in North America, where legislation is stronger, enforcement is prevalent and the culture is one that recognizes the inherit value of IP.
  • Proximity and shared time zones play an important role in effectively delivering and maintaining projects. We may be local to you or a short plane trip away. The point is face to face meetings can be more frequent and enable better communication and relationship building. Most importantly, projects benefit from the more interactive development process.
  • We have proven we can help clients untangle themselves from an offshore vendor. Our first step entails securing your intellectual property, production environment, and data. This step is quite important – offshore projects tend to overlook such fundamental things as source code ownership and authorized access to data and system environments.
  • Should capturing source code not be an option, we have had many experiences in decompiling and reverse engineering projects, so it is not always true that the entire system is “throw away”.
  • We guarantee your business runs without disruption. We make every effort to ensure continuity and offer you an incremental, painless method of improving your system over a short time.
  • Our team speaks your language! Even if an overseas outsourcer's key personnel speak English, the pace of their language skills and the lack of knowledge related to key expressions leave room for errors in the communication process.

More and more companies have found the benefits of off-shoring did not materialize like they hoped. A decision needs to be made. Untangle from your off-shore vendor, or continue to struggle with the high resource turnover, time zone differences, cultural and language barriers, additional project management, and eventually increased costs. What if we told you that running project onshore costs the same money.

Technology is not a commodity that can simply be purchased. The promise of dirt cheap projects never comes to fruition for most. In the end, salvaging a substandard project or one that has completely failed is a much more expensive endeavor than doing it right from the start. However, it is never too late to salvage. In fact, when you do, it is imperative to seek a company like WebAlgorithm, who has experience in doing just that.

In short, we wish you had come to us first :) But we can and will get your project in order quickly, efficiently, and for a very reasonable cost.