Services Network Design and Security

WebAlgorithm helps clients leverage next generation networks to achieve high performance, secure their data, ensure privacy and protection, and build trusted relationships with their constituents and partners.

First class network security starts with architecture and design. Your architecture must minimize the risk of attacks. Attacks will occur nonetheless. The architecture must ensure it can contain and recover from a successful attack before it becomes detrimental to your business goals. To help you meet this end, we examine your current architecture and design and identify what improvements can be made. But security isn’t just about vulnerabilities—it’s about the consequences of a security breach in your business. So, more importantly, we look at your architecture and design to ensure it serves your business goals.

  • Architecture is strategic. We help you to develop an architecture that supports not just your immediate goals but your overall business strategy.
  • Design, or assessment of design, is tactical rather than strategic. We focus on identifying the technology that’s available today to solve the problems at hand. Technology, of course, changes often rapidly. So, we re-examine your design frequently to ensure it stays up to date.

WebAlgorithm Intrusion Detection Services Engineering and Support draws on our 24x7 managed IDS security expertise. We help you design, deploy, and tune IDS implementations. We educate you on the proper review process for alerts. We assist with IDS training and response planning. We review reports with you as needed and supply organizations with a list of high, medium, and low threats as they arise. We can also simulate attacks to test and validate your IDS technology and response capability.

We design the architecture with two goals in mind:

  • To prevent many attacks from occurring in the first place
  • To minimize the impact of attacks and contain the threat to a select group of systems

Ultimately, your network is better designed and equipped to detect security breaches and be consolidated for easier management.