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Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

-Steve Jobs, Chairman and CEO
Apple Inc

WebAlgorithm specializes in user experience, interface design and development of mobile business applications, including iPhone and Blackberry. Our extensive experience in usability and interaction design of integrated transactional, analytical and reporting applications and portals makes us uniquely positioned to deliver superior mobile applications. We help your organization create a scalable and extensible platform for future functionality and business opportunities.

Mobile Web Services is an integration technology. It best demonstrates its value when integrating heterogeneous systems because it supports many kinds of programming languages, run times, and networks. When there is a need to connect applications from incompatible environments, this technology is a perfect solution.

Today's mobile platforms provide organizations with rich possibilities and revenue generating opportunities. Forward-thinking companies are leveraging mobile business applications to enhance user experience and provide a visual, mobile extension of their brand. WebAlogrithm can help you learn how to decide when to use Web services, what things to consider when you design Web services, and what to keep in mind when planning mobile Web services.