Services Big Data Technology

Big Data refers to the idea that an enterprise can mine all the data it collects right across its operations to unlock golden nuggets of business intelligence. And whereas companies in the past have had to rely on sampling, Big Data, or so the promise goes, means you can use your entire corpus of digitized corporate knowledge. It is, by all accounts, the next big thing.

Big Data Technologies such as Hadoop, MongoDB, CouchDB, and Neo4J are crucial as industry demands deriving insights from large data sets. More importantly it should also complement the existing ecosystem of legacy applications, e-Commerce, ERP, Portals or Enterprise Content Management Solutions. WebAlgorithm solutions can easily be integrated with Middleware and Applications which would help in acquiring, organizing, analyzing and presenting information irrespective of place or time.

Big Data Designs involve taking the data set and modeling it mathematically and understand the math required to build those models; engineering the solution using key noSQL technologies available... and find insights and tell stories from their data. That means asking the right questions, and that is usually the hardest piece.

WebAlgorithm Big Data Offerings

  • Big Data Consulting
    • Evaluating existing system and requirements & recommending the best Big Data Strategy
    • Designing architecture and framework that would best fit client’s environment
    • Developing the right integration plan that minimize risk
  • Big Data Implementation
    • Design, Development, Migration
    • Configuration, Integration, Performance Tuning
    • Adopting ecosystem components that would best complement the deployed system
  • Support & Training
    • Maintenance and feature enhancements
    • Training