Services Enterprise Architecture

Succeeding with enterprise architecture is challenging. But if done properly, it provides a balance of quick, easy wins and amazing long-term business value.

-Robert Handler, Vice President
Gartner Research

Optimal performance of core business processes within an efficient IT environment is an attainable goal. WebAlgorithm helps your company build an organization-wide roadmap to achieve this. We assist in defining the vision and technology stack and standards to optimize core business functions. We then help guide the selection, deployment, and operation of technologies within your organization.

Enterprise architecture defines the vision, principles, standards, and roadmap which guide the selection, deployment, operation, and refreshment of technologies within an organization. As organizations increasingly strive for high performance, Chief Information Officers are turning to enterprise architecture to advance strategic objectives such as cost saving, operational efficiency, and delivering IT-enabled business innovation.

Enterprise architecture is not only a blueprint aligning information technology to the dynamic business environment—it can also act as a monitor for the entire information technology environment. This entails uncovering gaps between business strategies and the technologies required to enable them, as well as identifying opportunities for efficiency and optimization. An enterprise-wide architecture allows organizations to determine whether their IT environment can support emerging technologies, and to predict what effect these technologies will have across the organization.

WebAlgorithm architects bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise from enterprise software powerhouses such as Sun Microsystems and IBM; major financial firms such as Lehman Brothers and CitiGroup; Fortune 500 companies such as Southwest Airlines and Merck. As a result, we are able to provide well-defined solutions based on a vast number of delivered systems and products. Clients can benefit from our experience and request case studies that fit their own profile. WebAlgorithm can then help your organization:

  • Develop new systems which will optimize your core business functions.
  • Create and implement a plan for transitioning from the current environment to the future environment
  • Support your enterprise architecture by selecting the right tools